Welcome to the Andrecon website. I’m Stephen Anderson, owner and founder of Andrecon. I’m proud to say that 33 years ago I started this residential construction company, and for 33 years I’ve been passionate about the work we do. The 1980’s were an interesting time in construction in Ontario: interest rates were hovering around 20% and lumber prices were through the roof. The only way to survive in those times was to stand out from the rest. I’m proud that our full time staff enabled Andrecon to achieve this goal by establishing three priorities: paying attention to detail, uncompromising workmanship, and honesty.

To this day, attention to detail, uncompromising workmanship, and honesty are the traits that this company is known for. Our full time staff is highly skilled in numerous areas of construction. Our staff’s abilities are obvious to each of our customers, but it is our work ethic and happy attitude that make having us on your site a pleasure.
Our renowned woodworking skills can be seen in every project we do. Although most of our work is new construction, we have a great deal of experience in renovations and restorations. Our additions are seamlessly melded to the original structures with tasteful rooflines and matching interior finishes.

For the past 25 years the shores and islands of the Thousand Islands have been home for Andrecon. Our work can be seen gracing these waters. Please browse through our photos of the summer homes we have built in this area. If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at, and I will promptly respond to you personally. 

Stephen Anderson